Cammand NGT2 Screen Renovation

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Mar 2, 2013
Shelf, Halifax
2016 C Class Sport Premium Plus
Hi all,
I would just like to thank those from previous threads regarding marked and scratched sat nav screens.

I cleaned my screen using Auto Glym Car Glass Polish (a little risky I know) but it worked a treat taking of the remaining anti-glare film. Looks like new now.

I ordered from the internet a Vikuiti screen protector from Germany (not anti-glare I know) which took 3 days to arrive from date of order paying via PayPal. The protector is ready to fit on to the Command APS NTG.

I am really pleased with the results, I don’t think at this stage glare will be an issue looking at where my Command is placed in the car, however if it proves to be an issue the screen peels off without any issues, and I can use it as a template if anti-glare is the way forward.

I would upload pictures, but unable to do so at this time, I think you have to make a certain amount of posts before you can upload pictures etc.
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