Can’t get rid off f Number plate bulb warning message

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Aug 25, 2017
Torquay UK
E class 320 cdi sport 2007
Warning came up on my dash to say the right side number plate bulb was faulty. Took out the bulb and it was black. Bought a replacement at Europarts (239 bulb) and fitted it and it works nicely but the warning message won’t go away. Any ideas?
Can't remember which models had feature, where you need to 'reset' it by turning light switch '0' and then back to auto (or on). Are you sure you have right wattage bulb.
Have you replaced it with an LED bulb , if so that maybe your problem.

had this problem for a year or more, i swapped out the complete bulb holder with new ones from MB, problem sorted, message never came on since
Change both plate lamps as some bulb failure circuits compare balance between pairs of lamps.
It cleared itself a day after the bulb was changed so all good now but I’ve bought another bulb to try wrdcc01’s trick if it happens again. Thanks all
The control system sends a little pulse to each light circuit to check that the lamp circuit is complete. If the resistance of the circuit is higher than expected this can trick the control system into thinking the lamp is blown. Resistance usually builds up on the contacts for the lamp. A gentle rub with emery paper will remove any oxidation. Check the contacts have not been pushed back and have plenty of spring in them to make a good contact. If you can’t access the contacts a spray with electrical contact cleaner will help.

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