can any one help (sat nav) Please ..

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May 3, 2008
1998 E55
Hi everyone,

Can any one help please.

I have a year 2000 S430L which has a command system, but I cannot get the sat nav to work properly.

When I turn the navi on it displays NAVI ACTIVE in the instrument cluster, I then scroll through the menu and select display my position, but all I then get is a white arrow and a blue screen .

Does any one no if this is the right disk for the maps;

Navigation CD & Travel guide DX – Version 4.0

On top of disk it got Michelin 2005

My command unit is 2.5 D-E head unit


Ps. Great site thanks for all your help on previous occasions.
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Sounds like it's not able to read the disc, since it's not displaying the map properly. Could be scratched disc or dirty lens, so best to check those two items first.
Hi everyone,
problem solved, it was due to the GPS antenna not being connected in the boot, the last owner must have disconnected for sum reason, any way alls well now thanks.


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