can any1 help me?

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Jan 19, 2011
merc 190e
ive just bought my brothers 190e and i love it but it needs work however im finding it hard to find parts that i want,ie side skirts and arch covers(not crome) do i have to buy crome 1s and paint them? or can i get unpainted plastic 1s?.:wallbash:
Welcome to the forum madoz.

I have never seen unpainted wheel arch covers. So its chrome and paint them as far as I am aware.
wheel arch extensions

i was offered some plain plastic 1s off a chap on here m8 £95 they are hard to find but im sellin the car now so i didnt buy them.
plus my posts keep getting removed for stateing facts with no explanasion why? im just fed up with people sayin my 190e is rubish because its not standerd heads up there own ****s.
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I love all types of 190, modified or not!! :bannana:
Have you tried the 190 site??
190 site ?

im allways lookin for any site i can find m8 post any links you have and i will be sure to look:D

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