can any1 tell me what these part no's are?

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Feb 13, 2005
E220 cdi
Help needed with Comand part numbers

Hi all... I'm getting ready to install my comand and I've ordered a load of stuff from MB
I used for the parts list. However there are a couple of parts I have ordered but I'm not sure I need.
I want to add the aux input cable to comand so I have ordere the following.

A210 440 50 05 Aux cable

A037 545 06 28 Connector for Aux cable

A035 545 96 28 Pins for Aux

the problem is the last two parts. MB says the 3rd number is a connector block and not pins. I'm a bit confused as I'm sure the Aux lead should come fully terminated. Can anyone clarify?

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The aux cable (210 part number) has the jack at one end, and a funny white 4 way connector at the other.

The connector (A037 xxx) is the bit that plugs into it , and the pins go into it - you then need to make up a short loom from there to the C2 connector. Alternatively you can just cut the connectr of the A210 harness and wire it direct into C2 - but not as neat.

If you have a 203/209 start with the official loom, it has the connectors you need on it already


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