Can anybody help with a fog light part number?

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Feb 4, 2013
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S204 C 250 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY, R170 SLK 230, B 180d AMG Line
I posted elsewhere in another thread that I had an issue getting the bulb out of the left fog light in my 2009 C 250 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY. Today I have removed the screen wash reservoir to gain access to attack the issue and eventually managed to remove the fog light from its housing in the front bumper/spoiler. It really needs to be replaces along with the drivers side which has even worse reflector corrosion and its own blown bulb). The problem I have is that despite the Mercedes Data Card confirming the car should be fitted with "772 AMG STYLING PACKAGE-FRONT SPOILER, SIDE SKIRT" and Mercedes EPC telling me that for my VIN number I need part A2048202156 it just isn't the right one! Mine is a much smaller diameter, has different fixing and takes an H8 33W bulb and not an H7 55W. I am therefore concluding that a previous owner has changed this in this department. I am really wondering if I have a couple of aftermarket units fitted as not only is there no MB markings on my unit I simply haven't seen anything that looks like mine which pushes in from the back and is retained by two 10mm bolts/screws. It looks like any adjustment is done by slackening theses 2 bolts and moving the light up and down as needed. Below are some photos (to see if any body recognises these. 20230919_113817.jpgPicture1.jpgPicture4.jpg


For now it looks like I may have just shove in a new H8 and put it all back together which is not ideal.
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I'm guessing that whole unit is aftermarket. I'm pretty sure the pre-facelifts didn't come with DRLs and the facelifts with AMG styling option had DRLs but no foglights.
Here's a 2009 C220 S204 with Sport/AMG pack:
foglight - Copy.jpg
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^+1. Someone has replaced the pre facelift bumper with a facelift one.

I have a 59 plate C Class with AMG styling and replaced the fog light earlier this year with this one,
Easy access is removing the wheel arch liner and unscrewing it from behind.
Thanks for the replies which seem to confirm my suspicions. Looks like it's just new bulbs for now and hunt out something better (original MB) later.
Just to close out this thread I have now put the left fog light back in the car with a new H8 bulb and all is good for now. Just need to (carefully) change the bulb in the right hand one.

I have spent hours searching the web for aftermarket ones like mine with much luck. The closest I have found were these from Piecha.

I must admit I had a noodle about the www the other day looking for ones like yours, but even the likes of AliExpress didn't come up with anything.
That looks spot on.
Well done.

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