Can I add points of interests to my command system?

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Mar 15, 2007
Having now got a car with command, we like it... its the one before the SD slot was introduced. NG2.5??

Can you add POI's ? all that seems available when I have tried is 'golf courses' ??

Also can I get a never disc will this be a better map etc? and will it keep the traffic info I currently have? I've no idea how this works I don't subscribe to anything but shows if roads are busy?

I would need a UK and main Europe disc?

If it doesn't have the SD slot it's not 2.5 (as far as I know).
What car? The W211 COMAND before the SD slot was NTG1 and has no ability to import POIs. You can choose which points of interest you want it to show, though (Display » Symbols, either use Standard set or adjust your Personal to see what you want).

Traffic (TMC) comes in over the radio (Classic FM). The data format of TMC is very tight, so the road network is split into segments stored in a look-up table. Newer maps contain updated tables so will be more accurate on traffic. New discs at or via eBay, but watch out for copies and make sure you get the right disc part number.

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