Can you replace the front fog light bulbs on a FACELIFT 2009 SL r230 from the front. It is different to all other 230s

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Sep 11, 2016
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Hi all .I want to replace the yellowish standard halogen front fog light bulbs on my wifes facelift 2009 SL R230 with something whiter. My question is can the bulb be replaced from the front. The face lift 2008-2012 cars are different to all other 230s. and it looks like there are two holes in the plastic "mesh" lamp surround for access (one bolt and one torks srew, but I dont want to start undoing them if a)thats not what they are fror and b)if they hold the front bumper on! Anyone done this?
Thanks . Thats the earlier SL r230 2002-2008. Mine is quite different to that.
For anyone interested in the above. The whole plastic mesh front around the fog lamps, which incorporstes the chrome /silver bezel around the lamp also, just unclips using a thin trim removal tool from the top. Then remove three t20 torks screws and the light unit comes out forwards. Replace H11 bulb in the back and refit in reverse. So easy once you know how!

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