Can you run a 2002 e220 Cdi on veg oil?

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Mar 7, 2013
Hi all,

I am new to Mercedes, and have just got a 02 plate e220 Cdi auto,

A work colleague has told me I can run this on veg oil, without any modifications.

Can anyone confirm this, and if not is it possible to run on veg oil with modifications?

If the CDi is anything like the Vauxhall CDTi engine then the short answer is yes! and that will be the same as the life expectancy of the fuel pump and injectors.

Only indirect injection diesels can be run on veg oil. The CDTi engine can only accept bio-diesel as it comes from the filling station any additional use of veg oil can destroy the pump in a few thousand miles only.

I am certain others will be able to verify this however.
CDi Common rail diesels will not run on veg oil (for long) without modifications (a.k.a. twin tank systems).
Even so, it is a bad idea, long term (IMO).

'Proper' EN quality bio diesel (a.k.a. B100, methyl esters) will work in most diesel engines; those with a DPF or optical sensors can be problematic.
Finding a supplier of said B100 can be the issue...too many cowboys (were) about.

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