Caption Competition

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Ostrich burying its head in the gland.

I thought you were supposed to stick it in the sand.

DVLA announce a recall on Toyota Ostriches due to faulty ABS

Without Rod Hull to restrain him these days, Emu runs riot.

Next up, Michael Parkinson! :eek:

NO no sign of your phone but there is a guy here who says he lost a Mercedes in here too!
Ya do the Okey Cokey and you turn around. That's what it's all about. Oooooohhh Oh!.........etc.

Rodney the Rhino realised that Olivia the Ostrich was rather inexperienced when she decided to 'give him head'
Independent test shows that Winter Hoofs stop better than Summer Feet.
Ostrich police carrying out forensic test to determine the owner of the **** in toilet 4 in floor 5.
Quit jumping about! It's your own stupid fault for sitting on my egg in the first place. Now just hold still, it's nearly out.

You can run but you can't hide.

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