Caption Competition

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Footage from the ostrich beakcam later revealed that the rhino was indeed reversing.
Early experimentations with SRS systems showed the concept did work, though more work was needed to find something that will actually fit inside s steering wheel.
Rhino: "Thanks for the heads up".

Ostrich: "You ain't seen me, roight?"

Decapitated Ostrich jacks up Rhino with tail feathers.

Rhino gymnast Kohei was just about to start his floor routine with a frontwalkover carwheel backhandspring-stepout roundoff back handspring when avid fan Gert the ostrich ruined his concentration by asking for his autograph.
winner announced this evening
It is going to be tricky....

Rosemary the Rhino was the envy of the zoo when she got her new vibrator.

"Better than a Rampant Rabbit by a neck" she declared.
Mr B wins by a short neck with 'You can run but you can't hide'

There are so many honourable mentions that I am not going to list them all. Aitch and Ringway were certainly bubbling under and LTD gets a mention for the filthiest.

thank you all for your participation in a close fought and generally clean contest.

Over to you Mr B.
Thanks for the PM.

I shall find something suitable shortly.

Sniffer dog refuses to help *** find the foot-long toilet bandit.
"No, no, Billy Joe... you're thinking bull and red rag"
Sh*tty underpants -- You promised Deputy Sheriff Steven Seagal was coming on this one . There's never any sh*tty underpants when he's around.

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