Car Comparisons

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Interesting. Doesn't seem to include the CLK, though.:(
Interesting stats come out of that....

I wonder who can find out the least worst but cheapest possible configuration in pence per mile.
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I've already found that a C Class estate is just 10p per mile cheaper than a Jaguar XF.... that's about £23 a week.
So if I were to give up wine on a couple of evenings a week.....;)
wow this site is pretty good shows how well the XF compares with lots of cars

my dad has a new xf diesel 3.0 litre and i dont want to drive it as i think it may be much better than my c320 :crazy:
Nice idea, but just having a little play it would seem some of the data is missing or in-accurate.
I can vouch for that, as it says an ML CDI will be worth £13.8K after 3 years and 60000 miles. I'd love to challenge them to find me one for that price!! More like £20k, so is distorting the overall cost of ownership figures in favour of the Honda.
I think they are looking towards trade in prices.....but if you accept it may be slanted towards Honda - it does give some idea towards the total cost of ownership..

Like all things it is just a guide (so is Sat Nav..):D:D
I prefer comparing these ;)


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