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Sep 4, 2003
I am going to Canada for a week in May and am intending to hire a car from Hertz for the week which is all a bit new to me as I have never hired a car before let alone been to Canada!

Checking the hire rates on their web site there are 2 choices - pay most of the cost just now by credit card when reserving or reserving now and paying at the desk in Toronto airport when I arrive.

I would have thought that paying now, up front, would have been cheaper but no it would appear to be cheaper to pay when I arrive :confused: The difference being £187 total cost if I reserve now or reserve now and pay at the desk £156.

I had a look through the small print and the only difference I see is that the pay it up front quote includes Loss Damage Waiver whereas the other option does not and of course the risk of the rate of exchange moving against me.

Anyone had any experience of this and could give me a few pointers?

ps The reason I want to use Hertz is that they appear to be the only car hire company operating from Toronto airport that can supply a Sat Nav system as an option which is something that i really want (too used to COMMAND now :D )
Does paying on the counter still gurantee the exact car....with the sat nav??
I think so as I still have to fill in a Reservation Confirmation form the same as the pay it up front option - but I don't know it there are any guarantees though!
Because the Sat Nav is kinda essential I would try and get conformation on this. Though saying that, do they use a portable solution rather than fixed???
ive been to toronto quite a few time and have always hired through Avis. They tend to be a lot cheaper than anyone else.

For the Two weeks which is our normal stay it works out to be £200 a week for a Cadillac Deville . That includes unlimited Km's and they don't mind you taking the car to the US.

But as you want the sat nav option , i dunno if avis actually do this :S
It is a portable system as far as I know - called 'Neverlost'

I will need to clarify the availability of it before booking as I have had conflicting information from Hertz about it - according to the Web Site it is availabe in Toronto Airport, according to an email I got from Hertz at Toronto airport it can only be booked by contacting them at the airport and according to Hertz UK it is available if booked through them (but they are a lot more expensive!)

Nobody said it would be easy!!
Fuzzer, had a quick look at the Avis web site - they are wee bit more expensive and no information on Sat Nav systems.
fatboab said:
Fuzzer, had a quick look at the Avis web site - they are wee bit more expensive and no information on Sat Nav systems.

cool , that cadillac is a bit of a beast its got a 4.6 V8 :) goes like a train if you like that sort of thing :)
Nothing to lose, I would give a go, have been using him for years, always gives a fair deal, and has even sorted out a few problems very quickly.

Regards Paul.

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