Car-kit installation advice!

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Jun 12, 2003
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Hi all,

Getting my Sony Ericsson Bluetooth carkit fitted today - anyone got any good ideas about where to mount the little control panel that answers the calls?

Thought that next to the gear selector is probably the best but wondered if anyone else has any better ideas?


Different car I know but here's where mine is:


Just to the right of the stereo, its perfect here as its within easy reach without taking my eye's off the road.
I've never really thought about it but as on the Nokia kit there is only one button plus the dial to turn to adjust the volume there's no need to physically look at it.
That makes sense - the Ericsson button is a little different as it as 5 elements to it - buttons for answer, hang up, microphone mute and volume up and down. So I think it would be easier if I can see it.

Will try fitting it by the gear selector and see what it looks like.

Thanks for the advice and pic - and your earlier advice about Bluetooth in general.


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