Car Ownership Poll - How can it be set up?

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Dec 20, 2009
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I think I might have asked this or similar previously, but failed to attract any response because of it being such a boring subject!

I'll give it another try!

Tonight I posted a quick question about a W116.

I thought I'd get a couple of replies - yes, I know it's Saturday, etc - but it suddenly occurred to me that there might only be a handful of W116 owners on this forum, and usually we're either tucked-up fairly early or trying to remember where we left things.

So my question is, can we start a poll to find out which models are owned by Forum Members?

The problem with the poll facility, I think, is that it's a maximum of ten choices.

How could we expand that, or do we have to go by decade, perhaps?

I know that in this quick list, (below), that they don't differentiate by sub-model (Coupe, Estate, Saloon), but I don't think that matters - though it would be easy to add them.

Anyway, just a thought.



Please scroll down.

Mercedes-Benz C107
Mercedes-Benz C208
Mercedes-Benz C209
Mercedes-Benz R107
Mercedes-Benz R129
Mercedes-Benz R170
Mercedes-Benz R171
Mercedes-Benz R172
Mercedes-Benz R230
Mercedes-Benz R231
Mercedes-Benz W08
Mercedes-Benz W105
Mercedes-Benz W108
Mercedes-Benz W110
Mercedes-Benz W111
Mercedes-Benz W112
Mercedes-Benz W113
Mercedes-Benz W114
Mercedes-Benz W116
Mercedes-Benz W120
Mercedes-Benz W123
Mercedes-Benz W124
Mercedes-Benz W125
Mercedes-Benz W126
Mercedes-Benz W128
Mercedes-Benz W136
Mercedes-Benz W140
Mercedes-Benz W142
Mercedes-Benz W143
Mercedes-Benz W153
Mercedes-Benz W18
Mercedes-Benz W180
Mercedes-Benz Type 300
Mercedes-Benz W187
Mercedes-Benz 170S
Mercedes-Benz W201
Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204)
Mercedes-Benz W21
Mercedes-Benz W210
Mercedes-Benz W211
Mercedes-Benz W212
Mercedes-Benz C215
Mercedes-Benz C216
Mercedes-Benz W219
Mercedes-Benz W220
Mercedes-Benz W221
Mercedes-Benz W251
Mercedes-Benz W906
List pasted from Wiki - I believe you can't get the staff!

It was to help illustrate the, (what's turning into a bad), idea!

I think I'll ring for the Nurse.
Would need to see my W207 on the list as I feel left out.
No W100 either :(

Edit , nor W121. W08 listed , but no W06 !

Oh , and Dieselman may slap you for missing out the W138 - the worlds first production Diesel engined passenger car - the 260D ( although you might not have wanted to associate with some of its users , if this source is to be believed. 260D.htm ) .

Actually there are lots of two digit model numbers , and a surprising number of pre war cars still around , albeit their owners tend to keep them hidden away .

Going back to your original question , the only 116 owner I know of in your part of the country -ish is Mirafioriman ( on the official club forum ) who has a 6.9 ( he also has a 6.3 and a few other Mercs , besides seeming to break them fairly regularly ) .

I think he keeps his cars in a barn somewhere so might have space and could be worth a try .
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I knew it was asking for trouble pasting that list!

OK, so let's say we get the definitive model codes, can it be done??!!
Forgot to say , the person I mentioned above is in Carlisle .
The full list would be huge, just from a quick glance there are loads missing from that one e.g. A Class, B Class, ML, GL, V Class, Viano, etc.

Not a bad idea though :)
What about a poll by decade, there might be manageable numbers in a confined space?
It would have to be the decade the model went into production because several model years cross decades.

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