Car vandalism targets and areas

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So basically, the areas that have the highest vandalism rates are the most densely populated as well.
And that expensive cars like Porsche and BMW are the vandals main targets.

I bet those findings surprised everybody.
I'm not convinced it is as simple as that, as it is particular areas of London and other large cities are not in the Top Ten.
Also why are BMW and Porsche singled out more than say Audi , Merc , other prestige brands
Again, why a Cayenne over other big 4x4s?
Probably the owner trying to improve it's looks !!!

Yeah i was expecting that one- but in that case most vandalised car would be Fiat Multipla and Ford Scorpio
Bmw's and Porches?
That's fine by me. Hate BMW's,will never own one and don't have a Porche either. Or a Porsche for that matter (image problem) especially Cayenne, a big ugly toad.

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