Car wants to die during take-off

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Dec 8, 2005

Yet another problem on my 1999 C280.

When I take off from a dead stop, it seems as if the car wants to die on me before getting to speed. Its only for a very short period just after take-off (from stops, robots, etc). During normal highway/city driving, when its on its way, it drives like normal.

Even when I start the car it seems if there is a "dead-spot" very low on the revs, just above idle speed. I'm not sure if there is a dead spot, or if teh revs just drop so low it wants do die.

Any suggestions on what it can be? The car has 170 000 km on the clock, and the airflow meter was replaced about 9 months ago at 155 000 km.
Electronic throttle

Think your car has an electronic throttle. Maybe requires some adjustment at the actuator or accelerator pedal. Or possibly one of the units is faulty??
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