Carbon collective platinum wheel review

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May 8, 2019
Mercedes C63 AMG editon 507
Hi guys, Thought this may be of interest to those considering a wheel coating so here goes
I wanted to get my new wheels ceramic coated before they were fitted,
My First attempt at this went horribly wrong...
The KKD Evolve was an absolute pain!. I applied it as to instruction's, "Allow product to dry before buffing" so I did that, But to my Horror, it wouldn't buff off!!!!, so contacted KKD, and they told me that the product had to be buffed off Before it dries, NOT after!!
The only way to get this off was to compound polish the wheel to remove the coating, I also checked with my powder coater about the product, and he said that High solvent based products are really bad for freshly powdercoated wheels as it will make them porous.

So… Now switched to Carbon Collective platinum wheels
The 1st Job was to fully remove the KKD with a compound polish, I did this with a Polishing Cone in a drill, and some Scholl S20 Black.

  1. Now that 1 wheel was completed with all the polishing, I was so Impressed by the finish that I decided to spend the next few hours doing the other 3 wheels...


    Next up
    Now all the polishing is complete, A full paint prep is needed prior to coating, I did this using Carpro Eraser and some Edgeless 70/30 Microfibre cloths from In 2 Detailing and cleaned each wheel twice to make sure all the polish residue was removed.

    Next Up.
    The Fun part. The product comes in a 15ml bottle with 1 small finger sized applicator.
    I then set about applying the product to the inside of the spokes only, and worked my way around the wheel, allowed 2 mins for the product to start curing and then gently levelled the product with another 70/30 Microfibre buffing cloth. Note, Do Not Buff this product hard as it will remove too much, you simply need to level the product to remove any high spots or smearing.
    Now that the inner spokes had been done, I did the faces of the wheels with the very same technique as before.
    Then Left the wheels for 2 Hrs before applying a second coat to ensure full coverage and durability.

    Overall my experience with this product has been fantastic. I have used C5 in the past but wasn't that impressed with it, I have heard that both Carbon Collective and C5 are made by the same company, however, if this was the case the application process would be the same but in fact its not as C5 is only recommended to have 1 coat as a second coat wont bond to itself.
    For those of you who have yet to use this product, its really simple to apply with plenty of working time, as for durability, They claim 2/3yrs, however if I manage to get half that I will be extremely happy as the product is less than £20.
    Now wheels are finished including the centre caps..
    Thanks again for taking the time to read this, I'll update again as soon as I have more news about the performance and durability



I can attest to the above regarding the carbon collective platinum. I have had this coating on my alloys for 12 months and they bead just as effectively as my paintwork!

Also cleaning is a doddle.

Funny enough i'll be getting some applied to my wheels next week. (Garage kerbed 2x wheels so refurbed all four)
Just what I wanted to hear matey;)..
Just thought id update you as i cleaned the car today.

As i was running my original wheels which had been coated over a year ago. Lets just say they are still beading as if brand new!

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