Carbon Fiber CLK W208 Engine Undertray

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Mar 25, 2009
Europe, Slovakia
CLK 230 K
Hi Gents, I´m new to this forum.
I work in small company in Slovakia called PRAGA Cars, in a short: we make race cars made from carbon fiber. (google for more info) - no ads intended.
I´m owner of CLK 230K W208 with plenty of mods.
Now here comes the deal:
I´ve made carbon fibre undertray which weights only 2,9KG, instead of original steel one 12,5KG.
Circa 7 KG difference, over 75% lighter :rock:
It´s very stiff and rigid part, it´s "sandwich" technology, mounting points and impact area has extra layers of material.
attached you can see the pictures.
I´ve used the part from my car as template so it´s 100% compatibility.
I´d like to offer this to you via this forum or ebay later.
Before I do so, I´d like to ask you if the shape of the part is the same among the CLK 200 ..... 55AMG or not ?
and if you would be interested into such an upgrade for your car ?
Please understand that it´s not product of a company, but it´s my private project.
Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


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That is a smart looking piece of kit. Kind of wasted under the car but I'm sure you'll have some interest. Good luck.
I don´t plan to make W209 unless I sell few W208 ones. I just need some kind of guarantee that it would make sense to invest the time and money into new moulds. If there would be at least 5 people interested from this forum, no problem to make them also for W209.

here are links of installed one on my CLK w208 230K.

Anyone would be interested to have such an upgrade on his W208?
Look's well made but why an under tray could you not have made an engine cover so all could see it?

because it´s very effective way to reduce weight at front end.
+ I think the shape of under tray for CLK 200, 230, 320, 430 is similar and one mould could be used = so the production would be effective. :bannana:
clk 200, 230 does not use plastic engine cover, just 320, 430, 55 and each is different shape. But again, if we find at least 5 people here asking for the same item, I don´t see an problem making it. (but that would another topic I guess)
None of you guys want´s to reduce the weight at front end? :dk:
I dont think a 7kg weight saving is why people would buy this its all about the looks IMHO.

Does the 208 really have a steel under-tray? Which other models do?

Both my 203 and 219 have fibre reinforced plastic under-trays.
As Peter, my 208 has plastic undertrays.
you could do a w208 55 amg front splitter ,front bumper tow bar eye and boot rear spoiler all in carbon
And a perfomace air intake these will sell well

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