Cark 126 Handsfree kit


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Nov 23, 2003
As the UK laws are now demanding mobiles to be held in a cradle while driving thought I'd take the opportunity to install a proper kit so I'm now trying to install a Nokia cark 126 in my CLK with an Audio 10 headunit and I've found most the info needed to wire everything in except when it comes to the Phone Mute connector. I found that it corresponds to Pin 3 on the Audio 10, but on the ISO block there is no connection going into this pin.

I've tried puting a smallish connector into the ISO but I couldn't get it connected through to the headunit. Does anyone know how are these connections supposed to be made secure?

Please tell me I'm missing something here....



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Mar 2, 2003
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One way to do it without adding any pins would be to buy a dashmount harness which goes between the ISO plugs and the phone kit - this should make it all work seamlessly.

Otherwise, I guess you need the same type of pins that go into the ISO connector plug in order for it to make a good connection - don't think anything else will work.

The last stereo that I had didn't have the mute on the ISO plug - it was a separate wire, so I was able to solder directly. MB units seem to have the ISO plugs directly on the back though, rather than an adapter in between......


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