cat D C63

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If it was so easy why don't they fix it themselves?
Because they are going to find a punter to buy it for more than it's worth.

Agree. Like you it doesn't look bent. New bonnet, new wings, new rad, new front beams and that will be ok. Not as good as a non crashed ones as loads will have gone through the car, but looking at the impact, well under 20mph. Looks a solid safe car the 204.

I quite like the car Nick found, sadly, out of my price range at £26k but its a nice car for someone to smoke around in.
Even if you were able to do the work yourself i.e. a body shop technician or similar?

If a straight one retails at £25k, a recorded one is only worth £15-£17, a C63 rad pack, bonnet, bumper etc won't be cheap, maybe £3k for the parts and another £1500 labour, so to make any money out of it you'd want to be buying it for around £7k.

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