cats and soft tops

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Feb 22, 2004
London E1
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About a week ago, I found 2 lumps of turd, some pee (on bonnet) and paw prints all over the roof and wing of my Boxster. They looked like cat prints to me.

I cleaned/washed it all off.

Last night, same paw prints and dirt but no pee or turds.

Amazingly, no scratches that I can see on any of the bodywork.

Car is in a large underground garage.

My sister suggested I put pepper on the roof which I have done. How long should I leave it on for?

Any other suggestions to discourage the behaviour?

Cats usually bury their outpourings hence seek soft surfaces. Strange that they would choose a car.
Controlling cats is an artform all of its own. Usually comes down to finding something with a smell they dislike. There's a thread somewhere that covered this topic. Might be worth a search for it. For sure there were plenty suggestions, though the problem was nearer ground level as I recall.
Cats hate walking on aluminium foil. How you fit it it your roof, I have no idea though.:crazy:
Interesting that it chose your Boxster and not your CLS.

Cat has taste.. :D

Only kidding, I like Boxsters too.. :D
Only good Cat's a DEAD Cat! :D

I hate Cats they stink and make me sneeze! :mad:

Shame you don't live local, I have a Shotgun and Firearms! :devil:
The pepper trick will only work with a brick. Apparently you put the pepper on the brick and as the cat sniffs the pepper it sneezes and Knicks itself out on the brick
Well Sean, maybe it is thinking that white Boxster is some kind of urinal :D

I did have a cat getting cosy on the CLK, it usually left fur as well. Their claws can really leave so nasty marks.

What about an indoor car cover, it will keep it clean too.

Could be a fox rather than a cat. I would get a cover at least for a while until it finds somewhere else to cr*p
I have wondered whether it is an urban fox.

it's a brightly lit and not especially warm underground garage so there's nothing to see.

just looked at the roof again tonight .. there appears to be more paw prints, so pepper trick may not have worked.

may have to get the ultrasonic cat scarer ...

however, pepper on roof does not look disturbed.

there's a Saab 9-3 convertible that has not been selected ..
Boxster is much closer to the ground Sean, easier to leap on to and I hate to say it - How nice and easy it would be to sink nice shiny claws into a new fabric hood rather than a smooth old one. Would a shiny slippy car cover help do you think. Someone said cats dont like tinfoil, the silver car covers may help.

Whoops just read Simon M's post. Sorry Simon.
cats don't like citrus fruit peel or juice much either IIRC.
How nice and easy it would be to sink nice shiny claws into a new fabric hood rather than a smooth old one.

luckily roof looks absolutely fine and undamaged

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