CD Changer install C-Class W203 ( 2003 C 240 4Matic )

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Mar 28, 2020
C240-Class 2003
I really need your help because I tried with many forums and Youtibe there nothing that could help me with this.
I try to install a CD changer into my mercedes ( The car didn'T have one before ). but I can'T find where the oranger fiber cable is going because in my CD Changer the FIber + power cable are cutted but poeple told me that I m supposed to have everything prewired behind my radio , so I Started and here is pictures for I Did...

1. The Orange Fiber cable connected to my radio , where is supposed to be connected ? because i can t find where it goes to connect the other side to the cd changer , unless I need another Fiber cable to Add it as an extension


2. I tried to follow to orange wire to see where it goes but couldn'T , is it normal ? do you think it s already connected somewhere Or I can just pull it out and connect it to the cd changer


3. I couldn't find where the power cable has to be connected behind the radio what do you think


Thanks a lot

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no answer from anyone .. :(:(:(
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Thanks Alfie :

I do not know why I should Need the first wire kit that you ve sent to me since in the back of my radio I Already have the orange fiber cable connected to the radio ( see 1 st picture in my Post ); so I beleive That I Need an extension like this :
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For the Power cable I have no idea where is has to be connected ? is it from the CD changer to the back of the radio ? if so , should I Just unwrap the Power cables in the back of the radio and make an extension to the CD Changer ?

You need the fibre extension because the fibre is a ring and you need to add a device into that ring.

The power/wake up loom is needed as your wires have all been cut. We send fitting instructions with the loom.
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can someone help please ?
Finally I Found the Power cable under the carpet of the passenger seat
, so I Am at 50% of the problem solved , Thanks 100000000 times .

for the Fiber optical cables, I Open the trunk compartiment and I Found 3 Orange fiber cables that are not plugued anywhere ( see pictures ). please tell me which one I can use to connect directly to the CDC. ( when you see the pictures, please tell me also where the Audio Amplifier is located )



1st pic is the Fibre Optic cable
2nd is a Parallel port (not sure what it connects to).
3rd is the aerial.
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