CD jammed, constant ejecting noise and draining the battery?

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Sep 21, 2020
St. Albans
B180d 2010

I have a 2010 B180d. Since I replaced my car's battery, every time I open the door the audio 20 system starts making noises as if it is trying to eject a disc. This is when the audio is yet off and key is not inserted! Literally starts with the door opening and continues about 2-3 minutes then stops.

On top of the funny noise, the cd player is not working anymore and the CDs are jammed in the cd changer. I have tried different methods I saw over the internet including disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, replacing the fuse of audio and even punching the audio but none of them worked.

As it all started after replacing the battery, I was hoping disconnecting and reconnecting the battery would work but even leaving the battery disconnected for an hour is not reseting the audio system. How I understand it is that when I reconnect the battery, the time, radio presets and bluetooth settings are still there. I wonder if there is a separate battery for the audio system somewhere or do I need to leave it disconnected for a longer time?

What is even more frustrating is that my new battery is draining every 3-4 weeks now. It is a brand new original MB battery. There could be another reason as well but I am suspecting this cd player is waking up in the middle of the night and running the cd changer motor hence draining my battery!

Appreciate if anyone knows the solution.

You could disconnect the CD changer to see if it is the cause of the power drain. Not familiar with the B Class but you may have to take the changer out and open it up to remove the jammed disc.
It's built in the dash - don't know how to disconnect it.
There will be a unique fuse for the audio. Take a look in your owners manual to find where the fuses are, and which ones control what functions. If you want to establish if the CD player is the cause of battery drain, pull the relevant fuse to disable the audio. If you Google 'removing B Class stereo', you will see videos on how to remove the audio unit itself. Fixing the underlying CD changer fault will depend very much on your comfort level for dismantling a selection of very small, interlocking parts held together by tiny screws and springs.


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