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    After the recent problems with my Boiler I have bee looking at central heating and home care plans.

    The two main providers look like being Homeserve and British Gas HomeCare.

    Does anyone have experience of either of these two covers and are they worth it?

    BG have quoted £39 per month for their HomeServe 300 cover and an initial repair of the current problem.

    omeserve have quoted £33 per month but I have not got a quote for the initial repair yet.

    Many thanks

  2. portzy

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    From an ex, (but not bitter;)), BG employee.

    Looking at your original/other thread it appears that you have a combined boiler and fire + possibly gravity hot water? That scenario is "open season" from an upgrade point of view and is ripe for the hard sell from whoever provides the warranty.

    I think £39 or £33 per month is a bit ott, £468/£429 per year, that amount of money would be better just put aside in case something does go wrong. If it doesnt then the money is still in your pocket and in a relatively short space of time you would be well on your way towards a new boiler and system upgrade.

    Non of these warranties provide for power-flushing, inherent system faults, flueing, or shortcomings by the way and with Fire Back Boilers + pumped heating + gravity hot water there's not that much to go wrong that cannot be fixed relatively easily.

  3. grober

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    BG are really pushing their Homecare services at the moment. This makes me suspect its a real money spinner for them. Portzy's advice is sound. I suspect central heating systems are a bit like private healthcare. If your health/system is sound and unlikely to fail the payments are reasonable. Once you/it start to "get on a bit" you may find that cover becomes more difficult/expensive?
    edit:- I would qualify that by saying that perhaps depends on your personal circumstances. If for example you are not good on the DIY side of things and have young family requiring lots of hot water for washing etc then for peace of mind------?
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  4. Mr E

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    I've got BG's Homecare 400 and pay £27/mth which covers central heating, plumbing and electrics.

    As the job can have me whizzing round the world at short notice, I like to know that if anything goes wrong someone will be round to sort it. And seeing how much tradesmen have cost me in the last couple of years I don't find it too bad.
  5. wilbur

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    Sep 25, 2008
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    One of the best things about BG homecare is you can normally have someone out the same day or next at worst, and the National Distribution Centre (NDC) has parts for almost every appliance which can be sent anywhere in the UK for next day. So most faults are rectified quickly.

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