Central locking woes

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Aug 28, 2023
W211 E320 diesel straight 6 estate Avantguarde
Good day, this is odd and I can't really get to the bottom of it. I have a 2004 W211 E320 estate avantguarde diesel. It has 213000 miles on the clock. About 2 months ago the fob key stopped working. The battery on both keys are fresh. I had the car scanned but nothing came up. So I have had to lock the car with the inside central locking switch and then use the key to manually lock the driver's door. Now it has got worse today - I can open the central locking with the inside switch but not lock, so now I have to manually press all the door lock buttons and crawl into the back to lock the tail gate. Now strangely, the doors still auto lock once I start driving, and I can open them electrically. Clearly some control unit is failing, and I assume that I am not the only one for this to happen to. So does anyone know a solution to this? I can repair things, but it's knowing where to start. So to recap - the doors will auto lock, just not open, and the key fob wireless system has failed totally, so no alarm either. If anyone can shed light on this I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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