Central performance day @ santa pod 19/4/15 all mercedes owners welcome.

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Feb 15, 2015
c220cdi sport 2005 & ford sierra 3dr rs cosworth.
All fellow mercedes owners welcome to attend the central performance show @ santa pad raceway (northants).
This show is now in its 10th successful year & now for the first ever time! Is now opened up for any classic or performance car to attend. Even if you dont have a car please come along & enjoy the fuel filled atmosphere.
Paul swift world famous stunt car show demonstrating their skills , jet cars, live bands, drag strip runs, trader stands, food stalls & many owners club stands in attendance.
From a classic to the very latest amgs all models are welcome to attend for a fantastic fun & fuel filled event.
Hope to see you fellow mercedes enthusiasts in attendance for a show which is a little differentto the norm.

To book your owners club stand & for show information
see website for full details:
Welcome to Central Performance Show 2015 - Central RS Owners Club.

P.s. Hope the forum moderators dont mind me posting this & thank you all for looking.

Very best regards.
central performance show (live band details......)!!!

here are some details for the music lovers out there who are thinking of attending the show......thank you.
ACSIA - (Wedding band in leicestershire, warwickshire and all of the midland's)are a 5 piece covers band from the heart of the Midlands playing top tunes from the world of rock, pop, indie, chart with a few surprises thrown in! With over 200 songs in their repertoire Acsia continue to show why they are rated as 1 of the top bands in the region!!! super good looking and super modest covers band playing super fine tunes from some super artists!
2 male singers and added harmonies from the drummer make the songs they play more authentic than the real thing!
Not to be missed!!!

WILDFIRE. http://www.facebook.com/wildfireUK
Wildfire are a heavy rock band - let's not beat about the bush. Great big, foot stomping, chunky rock songs. But everyone likes a twist in the tale.
The Wildfire guys have founded and graced the line-up's of many cracking Midlands bands in their time including Sacred Angel, Inoffensive, Wild 500, Corruption, thrash-metal guru's KURSK, and the legendary Maverick. If you're lucky you could also catch one or two of them in the wonderful 'Vivalas' and the 'soon-to-be-legendary' Nile Delta Buskers.
But, rather than spend their entire life squatting in London trying to persuade A&R to sign them, the boys got all sensible(ish) and decided to get jobs and release their art upon a much more worthy Midlands audience at the weekends.
Influences: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Joe Bonamassa, Guns 'n Roses, Ozzy, Foo Fighters, It Bites, Thin Lizzy, Rush, Pantera, Free, etc etc

THE BROOMBUSTERS - (The Broombusters)
The Broombusters is the brainchild of frontman Charlie Wolfman who shot to fame in the mid 1970's with the J.A.L.N Band. Managed by Pete Waterman, they made numerous appearances on Top Of The Pops and toured Europe extensively. The Broombusters deliver a unique fusion of Blues and Reggae, namely ‘Reggae Blues.’ Rhythmic Reggae basslines matched with gritty Blues chords form to create their original sound. The ‘Wolfman’ has an infectious, charismatic persona onstage which always has the crowd going wild!


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