Centre air vents not blowing W124

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Nov 2, 2008
Estepona, Spain
A bloody Opel
Hi, I have a problem on my W124 with A/C. All of a sudden the centre vents won't blow any air. The side vents are blowing even more cold air at the moment because the centres obviously aren't playing ball. I had a few issues recently where when driving at speed up hill the centres would start to blow warm even though A/C is on and temp set to minimum, after a while they would cool down again.
I have checked that the thumb wheel is opening the flap and I can see that it is. Any ideas what could be the issue?

Many thanks in advance.
Found the problem, it was a vacuum hose that I had inadvertently dislodged when I had the manifold off. Until now I had no idea that the system was vacuum operated. Anyway all working and blowing nice and cold:D:D

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