Chav behaviour

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Been busy with my Essex mates at Atspeed sorting out performance upgrades on my BMW 02. A towbar isn't one of them....
If I see him do it:

Good chance of conviction of 'careless driving' at court. from 3 to 9 points or instant ban (every time he drives after that he gets nicked, then he'll do a stint at HM pleasure)

Section 59 warning (2nd time we get to keep the car)

The shame (in some communities that really is a big thing) of being publicly chastised in front of peers.

Public perception, everyone who was thinking 'what a to55er', get to see his actions being dealt with .

No ID?, gets nicked, 'its not on diplomatic plates'.

Then I'll deal with his mates. And I dont need to shout ;-)

As much as I applaud what you do - In some communities "losing" your car to the plodd only to have to buy it again is considered quite a status symbol... it's a way of saying "look at me, I'm rich enough to consider a ferrari disposable"

I don't think you can get someone with diplomatic ID time... but I may be wrong.


Edit: is it me or is the bow of that ship moving sideways?!?!
basically the guys a tosser who can't drive, but he wasn't going that fast - compare him to the cyclists and pedestrians.....

i was a bit dissapointed the bus didnt flatten him though!
I was thinking similar - i.e. is he actually going that fast -ssemed to spend most of the time bliping it and then slowing gain. Pedestrains and cyclists don't really seem to react at all (even to the noise).
Edit: is it me or is the bow of that ship moving sideways?!?!

The force of 9 15 inch guns firing a broadside is pretty potent, but it would hav to shift a lot of weight. I think it is the visual effect of the shockwave from the guns being channelled along the side of the vessel that makes it look like lateral movement. The ship is definitely listing to port though from the shock.
Sorry londonscottish, you are right, the behaviour was prattish but the consequences could be a great deal worse. Maybe direct action, would dragging them out of the car and tweaking their noses be a better idea than leaving it to a toothless police force.?

The plonker in the ferrari is reasonably likely to kill himself too. So it is not all bad. Being your own worst enemy is not a good plan.
Oops sorry JBR.

I expect you still have some of your own teeth.

What with not having to grind them when driving to Wales.
Ah yes, I have seen that Turquoise Ferrari, on the A40 going into town.

The owner drives like an absolute idiot!
Edit: is it me or is the bow of that ship moving sideways?!?!

It is the USS Missouri during Desert Strom. The last battleship to fire in anger I believe. Those guns are pretty potent
I have heard the story that, anyone still on deck when they fired would not survive the shock wave.Having seen the pic I can believe it.

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