Cheap W124 estate boot liners

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Mar 16, 2004
1994 W124 E300D Estate, 1985 R107 280SL

As the genuine Merc booliners are pretty expensive, too much for me anyway (i'd end up trying to protect the protector due to the cost!!)....

i found this seller selling boot liners:

so i bought one.

Although I have no doubt the original Merc one would be better (it has a taller lip on it) - this is a perfect fit and does the job very well.

So i would recommend. Was the cheapest I could find.

Hope this helps someone!
I bought a rubber one for my W202 estate on ebay. Unless you like the smell of rubber in your car, I wouldn't recommend it!
Kinky ....
the one i got seems fine :confused:

i know there are some that are "cut to size" style - i guess these would smell of rubber.

the one i got is a set moulded size to the 124. Doesnt seem to smell very much (if at all - i've not checked or noticed) - cant see a problem.

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