Cheap xenons!

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Mar 23, 2004
As some of you know I was looking at install Bix on my car but due to circumstances that I shan't go into here, but with the help of a fellow member- my bix are now on the way to a new home in London. This left me hacked off that I hadn't got my bix after all, so I went and bought the new Philips Blue Vision Xenon bulbs for my existing headlamps as an interim measure.

They advertise that at the colour of 4000k they are the nearest light to true xenon headlamps.

You tell me what you think. The colour difference between the normal side lamp bulb and the blue vision does seem extreme and the light on the road is unbelievable for £20 of bulbs!
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Yeah, I've got them as well but I think I've paid £30 online. Got pair of BLUE W5W so could swap side lamps as well - they now look white and not yellow or blue :) Same as others!

At the moment I'm quite enjoying the sidelight contrasting with the dipped beam but I could change them later if I get bored. LOL
Looks good. Maybe thats the way to go.
Looks pretty good may have tro try them myself. Shame I missed out on your BIX too ;)
If you get a big improvement in night time vision then the money is well spent. At night approaching drivers will hardly see your sidelights at all and are unlikely to be able to recognise any difference compared to a standard installation.
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