Cheapest way to ship to Canada?

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Jul 20, 2004
A 190 enthusiast from Canada wants to buy some RHD W201 headlights. The local Post Office quoted £80 by air or £60 by ship, which will take "2 or 3 months"!!!!

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could ship them for less?

you should be able to send something like this for £35 International Standard Parcel

I assume its over 2kg.... in which case the price goes high, but shouldnt be as much as you quoted. i imagine that this is for standard Royal Mail Airmail - its "INternational Parcel" you need to send it by....

hope this helps. i send computer systems etc to america often for about £35 and they weigh about 3kg,,,,,
How about a large bottle and a cork ? Should take about 6 months... ;)
Go to a Freight forwarder who deals with Canada. Ask them what it would cost in a consolidated load.
FF's book a whole container or pallet with airlines ona regular bais and buld up the load from dufferent customers. Should be relatively cheap.
The parcel2go deal, under 10 kgs + under 4 cubic feet for £36 looks like the best so far. Thanks.

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