Checking oil level CLK 320 CDI Sport

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Aug 11, 2007
W203 270 CDI Wagon - previously CLK 320 CDI Sport
Hi all,

Probably a dumb question but I'm struggling with finding oil level check on speedo cluster. I don't have the handbook to check the "how to".

It's easy on my 270 CLK as it's a simple option from steering wheel controls, not so it seems on my 320 CDI Sport!

I have tried putting the display on temperature display and then pressing the reset button 3 times which opens up a separate menu starting with battery voltage as I had been advised elsewhere but there is no display to show oil level check, obviously I did this on key position 1 and awaited display offering oil level check but nothing has come up ...... Confused or ill-informed?

Thanks in advance.

Well I didn't even think to check for a conventional dipstick beings as my older 270 didn't have one.

Perfect! Dipstick it is (red and round which kind of twists out). Very pleased about this, much preferred compared to electronic version.

Thanks for your reply, I had a quick look under bonnet and just imagined that the easily visible dipstick was going to be either gearbox breather or gearbox dipstick.

Happy me :thumb:


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