Checking the oil/oil level W203 C240

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May 21, 2003
A friend of the family has a very early 2001 W203 C240 (bought after seeing my W202 :D ) has asked me about checking the oil, how much oil, type is required.

From memory, the W203 (early ones) have an electronic dip stick right accessed from the dash display?

Anyone shed some light on it as Im 100miles from the car itself :)

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With the total mileage odometer showing scroll back to the engine oil level screen and follow instructions i.e. engine must be warm, car parked on a level, wait 5min after engine switch off..
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Thanks, he isnt sure how much to add to the engine? does it have a dip stick as such?
No, no actual dipstick.

I believe the display will say how much to add.

It would also tell you if you overfill, you must remove any excess or you damage the CATs
Add 7.3 Ltrs first, start and get to working temp. check in cluster, if it says add 1 ltr add only 0.5 ltrs and check again. if not 0.5 again. If you do not get to working temp will take ages to diplay the oil level so drive the car apx 5km to get the temp after filling 7.3 ltrs the M112 V6 normaly take apx 7.5 ltrs
If it were me, I would drain it, and also change the filter, refill with recommended amount, then check the level.

I love replacing oil !
The c240 has a large capacity - 8 litres. I was always advised to let the display moan about adding the odd 0.5litre (or even 1.0 litre) or so rather than run the risk of overfilling, particularly as you only have the electronic display to go by.
I filled it exactly to the recommended level, done a 250 mile drive, decended Sutton Bank in Yorks, steepest gradiant in the UK ? 1 in 4, and the oil light came on. Add 1 litre.

After, checked on level ground, said oil level level OK. So how can we really tell without a proper dip stick ?

Give me a dipstick any day.
Yup, quite agree, give me a stipdick any day

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