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Discussion in 'Interior' started by dsa1980, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Nov 11, 2014
    I am 3 months pregnant and people have been (smugly) asking when I am getting rid of my SLK.
    I have (had) no intention of getting rid of my car as my husband has a jeep so we have a pratical car, but I would like the facility to be able to drive my car with the baby sometimes.

    Any advice on how I find a suitable car seat?
    All the info I have found online is very confusing. Does it have to be a mercedes car seat? They're v expensive for a 'second' seat (and I assume they couldn't be shared with the jeep?)

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    Check the handbook - it should have a section on this.

    'Mercedes' seats have a chip that automatically disables the passenger airbag in cars that support this function. There's no reason you couldn't use that seat in another car if it didn't have a passenger airbag or there was some other way of turning it off.

    The airbag on my old SL just has a sensor that detects weight on the passenger seat, so I didn't put my son in there till he was old enough to use a forward-facing child seat (with the car seat fully back).
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    Congrats on your forthcoming baby:thumb:

    I think you may have problems as firstly you are going to have to de-activate the passenger seat airbag before fitting a rear facing baby seat.
    Which ones would fit I couldn't say, but as a parent and grand parent I would not be happy taking a newborn in the front seat of any car. Sorry.

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