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  1. scottishc280

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    Apr 11, 2004
    Just got a new car seat as my 9 month old son is now too big for his original rear facing seat. (Headrest speakers and front seat friendly even with an air bag)

    I bought a recaro that suits from 9 months up to 12 years old (dependant on wieght)

    I was told that starting in 2006 the laws for children in cars are changing and that upto 6stone approx 12 years old (I think) a child must be in a full size child seat not a booster cusion.

    The Recaro gives this and is fully adjustable in hieght and width etc.

    A couple of really cool features are that it has speakers built into the headrest so when junior is playing his gameboy or DVD (or whatever the latest system is) he can have his own sounds and due to the design of the seat and that it is ultra thin (it can actually forld very flat for storage it can be put in the front seat of a car with an airbag.

    Link to Recaro Start
  2. Mr E

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    Jul 22, 2004
    57 W211 E280 AG
    We bought a Recaro seat (no speakers then - what a great idea!) for my daughter about 4 years ago and have never regreted it. The older boy had a seat/booster thingy that he hated, and it moved around alot, whereas this locks onto the seatbelt and sits firmly on the seat.

    She likes it because it sits her high enough to see out the car (better than a booster) while the wife likes it as she can move it easily between cars and, as you say, it folds up nicely too.

    I've never seen any UK reviews for the seat, but the German TuV bods gave it a very high rating which was why we eventually went for it.

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