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    Mar 4, 2005
    Near Melrose, Scottish Borders
    1996 E320 Coupe
    The old gal is now over nine years old and following a trouble-free jaunt round France and sailing through the MOT last week, I decided to reward her with a minor refurbishment by calling in ChipsAway.

    This franchise has appeared on the forum a few times over the past couple of years with a generally favourable write-up. One good point raised was that the quality of work was highly dependant on the ability of the franchisee and therefore experiences were variable.

    My man, Simon, appeared exactly at the appointed hour and cracked on for an hour and a half on a scuff on the rear bumper, the n/s edge of the front spoiler where a high kerb had leapt out at me and gravel damage along the cills aft of the front wheels. (Now have mudflaps).

    The work was therefore all on plastic – I have mentioned elsewhere that on my late C124 the cladding is all painted and lacquered and as far as offering protection, is absolutely useless.

    Cost £150 incl. VAT – no shifty discount for cash – with two-year guarantee, for what that might be worth.

    I have to say the boy done good! I have been down on my hands and knees scrutinizing his handiwork and I simply can’t see the join! He was pleased with the colour match (189) and said what we all know, silver and white are murder….

    Quite an interesting chat... After graduating from uni, he headed a team at a prominent Edinburgh firm of investment fund managers for eight years before buying into the franchise a couple of years ago. Never looked back, though he admitted that it’s only been in the last nine or so months he’s been completely confident in his abilities. Top man!

    BTW, Ray, have you any news about repairs to your wing/bumper?
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    I used them on a bit of plastic (small section on side skirt and never again shall I use them...). Black may be easier to touch up but check the work from different angles... ;)
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