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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by AMGeed, Mar 15, 2017.

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    I had to make yet another visit to the dealers today because my chrome keyless go key is refusing to unlock the doors or start the car on occasion. (Driver KG handle needs replacing so using the key fob to unlock)

    I have been getting the message, key not found. or words to that effect and sometimes a big red warning on the dash whilst driving saying the same thing along with a lt of warning beeps. Waving the key close to the ESL removed the message and warning. This is the key in question.

    So I have now changed the batteries (there are two in the chrome KG key)at least 5 times in two years and its becoming a nuisance. I also took the original one battery key pictured below to check although it has only had one new battery in 4 years.

    I have got to know the parts guy quite well recently and he opened the key and checked the batteries inside for fitment before moving outside to the car.
    The key typically behaved itself and opened the door, and the KG button started the car fine . He looked on the instrument cluster and brought up two outstanding messages I hadn't read.
    1 Battery convenience function message.
    2 Check key battery.

    He then went in to see the service tech who gave him a tip neither the Parts guy knew , nor I. Only one of the two batteries actually operates the locking and unlocking.
    If you press both the lock and unlock buttons for ten seconds, the unlocking function moves to the other battery. The parts guy tried it and yep, the doors unlocked first time.
    So, he put in two new batteries free of charge, checked the other key was working OK (which it was) and gave me a tip should I get the key not found message again.
    Hopefully this may help someone else with KG, a chrome key, and the messages I was getting along with a non functioning key.

    The parts guy did happen to notice the stance of my car and asked if it had been lowered. When I said yes, its on lowering links he said he was about to mention the airmatic! The other thing he didn't know was the new alarm sirens have been programmed to beep on locking and unlocking.
    So we both learnt something today:bannana:
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