chrome window trim, replaced under warranty?

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Aug 29, 2007
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the chrome coloured trim at the bottom of the windows, i'm guessing it's plastic & not actually metal? it's got sort of watermark stains on it, slightly cloudy looking. not too bad, but i notice it! i've googled it & it seems to be a common problem across various makes with 'car wash detergent' being blamed as the culprit.

i'm pretty sure the CLK had similar type trim but didn't have this issue, the E class hasn't been washed any differently though so perhaps the trim has changed?

just wondered if anyone had tried to get them replaced under warranty with MB? i'm guessing it might be a big fat Computer Says NO...:eek:
I don't know about the chrome trim... but when my wheel bolts rusted, the dealer gave me the usual song and dance about car wash detergents and acidic wheel cleaning solutions, and then proceeded and replaced all 20 bolts (including the locking ones) with new under warranty. So there is still hope...

(BTW the wheel bolts rusted again... out of warranty this time :( )
quick update in case anyone searches in future. car been in for her 3 year interim service & MOT this week, i asked for the trim & a few rusty wheel nuts to be looked at under warranty. wheel nuts replaced straight away & photo's of trim sent to MBUK for claim. (the trim lower down on the doors & on the boot lid had polished out ok but the trim on the doors/windows was the same after being polished).

heard back after a couple of days that MBUK approved trim replacement under warranty & it will be done in the next couple of weeks :thumb:

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