'Chunnel' users, you've been warned!

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This is stupid, were they locked in for the 5 hours there, surely they should had bang on the side car.
Does the driver not have any sort of cctv access to the carriages? Would seem odd if they don't on a service like that.
One would have thought that the drivers of those cars would have realised that they had reached France and got in contact with the train crew. AFAIK they have only themselves to blame.
I don't understand this at all. Having used the Eurotunnel service many times, all the dividing doors open together and the shutters come up, so why this didn't happen in this case defeats me, unless they had "locked" the middle vehicle. :dk:
At least they had more time to enjoy the view.:D
It's all a bit weird really. As you say, the shutters open automatically so can't have done in this case, I can't believe that there's no CCTV and finally you would have thought they would do last sweep on the train to check it was empty :dk:

You can also get phone reception at that point so I'm surprised those trapped didn't try and call Eurotunnel to explain their plight. In fairness, they may of course have done that and were listening to 'Greensleeves' as they held for the 'next available operator' as the recorded announcement directed them to their website :D:
Those guys were having a party and drunk, they didn't realised they arrived.

It against the H&S rules anyway that why they were offered free passage and a free next trip.
In my experience a member of staff walks through every carriage when the cars have left.

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