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Sep 14, 2004
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I'm going to finish my masters soon, so I've started looking out for new work opportunities (I doubt my current employer can offer the salary I hope to achieve given that it's a school)...

I found an interesting job opening, and it matches my qualifications, my experience and what I want to do... problem is they also want a CISA certification (Certified IS Auditor). Which is fine, I rarely shy away from a challege... but I like going in informed! Especially when the exam costs £300 without materials!

Has anyone done this? Do any other employers you've come across asked for this (i.e. if I don't go with option A, can I use this with others).

Really any advice would be appreciated!
I just looked it up! CISA looks interesting but only if you can prove that you have five years in the industry as an IS Auditor! I checked the requirements and if you can't get all your former employers to guarantee your references then you are decertified!

The fact that I've never heard of CISA dispite it being apparently 30 years old as a certification tells me that it's not that useful.

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