CL203 Washer/Wiper Switch Repair Help Req'd

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by 350_Coupe, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. 350_Coupe

    350_Coupe Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Oct 31, 2010
    2005 C350 Coupe SE
    Morning all,

    My C-Class Coupe has decided that i don't need the windscreen washer/wiper manual activation option from the press in stalk switch!

    The wipers work from the auto and on positions, and i've checked the doors are closed properly (no interior lights on) as i know this stops this function working.

    Having done a little looking around, apparently it's not uncommon for the stalk switch to become dirty at it's contacts and thus inoperative, although it's a 2 stage switch, first for the wipers then for the washer and both have failed, which seemed a bit odd, but i'd like to give it a go cleaning the contacts/switch prior to anything else as it does feel a bit clunky

    I'm going to assume it's the same switch pack on a W203, does anyone know of a guide/tutorial or video on the subject?


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