CL500 C215 2004 Courtesy Lights and Sunroof Issue

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Jun 20, 2022
CL500 C215 2004
Hi all.

I recently posted regarding the issues that I was experiencing with my Sunroof in my 2004 CL500.

It would only open inch by inch, but thankfully I was advised what to do to remedy it, which I duly carried ouit and all was good.


The next thing was that after I'd reconnected the Dome Light, as soon as I plugged in the second of the larger locking connectors (the one with the light grey lever), I lost both my front and rear courtesy lights and the puddle lights that illuminate in the bottom of the doors. Also the Map reading lights no longer work, the only way I can get the interior lights to work is to switch them on permanently.

If I disconnent the grey lever connector, all of the lights work again as they should, but as soon as its reconnected everythings gone again.

I also noticed that despite the Sunroof functioning as it should after I'd reset it, the following day I had to reset it again as it was back to its old tricks of inching again. This has happened a few times since I reset it for the first time, but it doesn't need a full reset, all it needs is to press and hold the upward Sunroof tilt switch for 5 seconds and all is good again!:confused:

I have tried a second dome light which I know works perfectly and its doing the exact same thing.

Any ideas?

Cheers all.

Kindest regards.

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