CL500 C215 Door Speaker Upgrade

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Jun 20, 2022
CL500 C215 2004
Hi all

I had a significant Audio upgrade in my beloved 2004 CL500 earlier this year. The car came with the standard OEM Mercedes Speakers.

Up until recently everything has been fine, I upgraded the knackered Comand head unit and added a really trick 100W x 4 power amplifier as well as a few other non audio bits as part of the install.

Incredibly the standard speakers worked really well with the new audio and amp setup, I was genuinely amazed at the sound quality and the difference the new bits made.

I had gone into the upgrade fully expecting (and wanting), to upgrade the door speakers but given the improvement I thought I’d rake a rain check and see how the OEM speakers coped.

Sadly the speakers are starting to struggle, the drivers door rear speaker has now blown and the others aren’t far behind.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m ok with the failings and kind if expected something to go wrong, so its all good.


I would like to upgrade the speakers in both doors. I have decided on 6.5 two way components for the fronts, however the rear door speakers are a little more intriguing.

As I understand it the rear speakers are 4” and sit within a larger plastic housing that bolts to the door.

Is there any way I can go bigger than 4” by modifying the housing to accept a larger diameter driver and also what depth of speaker I can go too for the rears?

Has anyone had any experience of this?

Any info and advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks all.

Kindest regards.

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