Cl600 chargecooler bleeding


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Sep 14, 2016
Cl600 bi turbo 05
I got codes read on the car and an intermittent charge air temp high came up. I put a new Bosch 10 pump on it and bled air out by taking valves out and having pipes go into a bottle which goes into heat exchanger. I done about 500 miles since and had no code stored for it. But I don't think all the air is out. I have just purchased a sealey vs0041. A vacuum filling tool. Will it be good enough to not have to go to mb and have it done there ? This is the info for the tool I got

Anybody else tried one ? Anyone know if it will do the job or have I wasted £100. Cheers

Eliminates the introduction of bubbles and air-locks into the cooling system and dramatically reduces system filling time.
No more time-consuming system bleeding.
Reduces fluid waste and messy spills.
Automatically conducts system leak test.
Low profile design broadens application range especially for use on MPVs where lower windscreen lip might obstruct other tools.
Simple operation requires workshop air supply and does not require fiddly interchange of vacuum and fluid hoses - as found on other versions of this tool.
Supplied with 1300mm fluid hose.
Model No. VS0041

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