CL600 wafting question c140 and c215

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Jul 2, 2008
poole dorset
124 coupe

has anyone owned both versions of the CL600? I currently have my w124 coupe and would like to stay with 2 doors but double the cylinders. Looking at the cl600 in both forms. Can anyone give me their opions on the differences between the two designs from a driving perspective. performance figures suggest not a lot in it on a staright line. I would primarily be using it for longish hi speed driving in Europe so i am wondering how they differ at motorway speeds. the C215's are getting cheaper but the potential bills are a concern.
I have driven a CL55 AMG (non compressor) and it didnt seem as quiet to drive as I imagined. however the V12 is a quieter engine all together.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


The 140 car has a different V12 which is more reliable and electronically is a more reliable car. A 215 needs mega bucks to run.
I have the 215 and love it, i bought it with the dreaded abc problem but £1800 sorted that, it also needed front discs annd pads so another £900 gone:(
I only use it for weekends and the odd trip to spain, but it my eyes it is worth every penny, it also averages 23mpg motorway driving
I have..

both a great cars but both are expensive to run and maintain.

The W140 CL600 is somewhat rarer and so parts can be expensive. However you can pick them up for nothing nowadays and they represent fantastic value.

The 215 is a lot more stylish and has a lot more going for it.. There are more around and parts are a little cheaper.

My advice would be to get a V8...

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