Cla220d eml

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Jan 16, 2024
Mercedes cla220d
Hi all new to the forum. After some advice. I have a 2014 cla220d 70k on the clock. 2 days ago other half driving it engine management light comes on goes into limp mode got it home and plugged in my basic code reader and P0299 code comes up. Not been used for 2 days fire it up tonight no light on take it out for a spin and it runs perfectly fine did about 15 miles from 30mph upto 60mph and it didn't skip a beat. From the P0299 code it says low turbo boost pressure Google it and loads of people say turbo needs replacing but I would of thought it running fine tonight loads of power no smoke or strange noises the turbo is fine? We did have this code 18 months ago on this car and had the inlet manifold replaced as something had snapped inside (can't remember what sorry) surely couldn't be the same problem only covered about 10,000 miles since. Any advice would be appreciated.

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