Claim(s) to "Fame".

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Mar 3, 2011
Following on from Ant's thread, I wondered if anyone had any claims to fame - even if the celeb is not mentioned.


From a hot sunny, but very muddy F1 GP at Silverstone in March 2000, I once pushed my friend's 320 out of a muddy field and got covered in mud as the rear wheels span and fired in my direction.

Sat in the drivers seat - sun burnt too - Jay Kay from Jamiroquai walked past looking in and clearly finding my slightly dishevelled appearance somewhat amusing. :rolleyes:


Not really mine but Jools Holland once upon a time used to play with my dad's Matchbox cars and used to play on my aunt's piano.

That's not a euphemism!
My Wife's cousin was married to Heather Small from 'M' people. Now sadly divorced.

My nephew was main security for David beckham when he was at Man U

I'll leave it to the F1 experts to explain who get's 2 star VIP tickets at the GP:

Here's mine:

Ya know? Ive always kinda liked you. You're my new bessy mate. :D
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I'm loosely related to Roger Moore :)

Somewhere by marriage, someone on my mothers side (I was told who, but my memory fails me) was married to Dorothy Squires, who was once married to Roger. I call him Roger, we're that close ;) lol
I was on the BBC news apparently too when they filmed the F1 debacle that year!

Loving the first few CTFs...
My father made the Sword that Price Charles wore on his wedding day to Diana.

In the early 70's (before I was old enough to remember) we lived in Surbiton in a house directly opposite Juan Manuel Fangio. Langley Avenue to be precise.
Ya know? Ive always kinda liked you. You're my new bessy mate. :D

For £10k I'll get you 2017 ticket;)

It was funny walking to the pit lane and having all the "celebs"pushed out of the way so we could get our photo's taken next to the F1 cars.

BE walked passed us and my mates jaws dropped when I spoke to him and asked how his pub was doing, "not bad" he said as he ambled off :D
I used the toilet after Kate Moss on a flight to Bangkok some years ago. She is dog rough.

Does that count?
I drove a certain famous England rugby captains soon to be ex wife's car the wrong way down a one way street because she was far to important to move her own car in the rain !

I also met the wicked witch of the west (cherie blair) in her robes and wig in a shared public toilet, scariest thing I have ever seen in my life !
I know Michael Douglas, only through his missus like.
My claim to fame - I was featured in the "Haynes - Definitive guide to modifying Ford Fiesta!" lol

Over the years, I've 'met' a few well-known people...only when on duty though, and sometimes when pointing a radar gun at them! I've pulled up Sid Little (of him and Large) in an S-Class, a right miserable git he was. One half of Brotherhood of Man, back when they were big, Roy Hattersley and his staffy...they were both lovely!....and Prince Charles once sat on my bike at Chatsworth! We'd done a fast escort for him straight off the pan at East Mids airport up to the main house and were told to stand by for an equally fast run back a few hours later. We got fed, then lounged about...3 hours or so later, out walks Charles with his mate the old Duke of Devonshire. They came over and started asking all sorts of stuff about the job....then Charles asked if he could have a go on my Pan Euro! 'No sir, but you can sit on it and put the blue lights on if you like' says me. So he did. I do believe he'd had a few!
I've also convinced myself I once got a personal wave from the Queen escort up the M1 in lashing rain, I could hardly see through my visor. I was at one point at the side of the Roller's near side rear door, I looked into the car and there she was...her hand went up, and she gave a little nod. Mind you, as I said, it was raining so hard I could hardly see anything.....! :dk:

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I used the toilet after Kate Moss on a flight to Bangkok some years ago. She is dog rough.

She was round at my gaff last week and didn't leave until gone 4 in the morning.

She can't half rabbit, that one.
And I can still lick my elbows **** and balls.
And that's not showing off like my dog does.

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