Classic Car Insurance for a C63?

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Mar 27, 2014
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Im looking to purchase a W204 C63 in the next few months as a second car. Mileage will be around 5k per annum. Does anyone know of a reputable classic car insurance company that would insure it? Alternatively who offers the best deals on multi car policies?
I used Peter Best Insurance Services in the past...Car must be over 10 years old. Agreed valuation. There is a discount for official ownes club members.
I'm looking to change my broker from Peter Best, having been with them for many years on a Classic car policy. For the last 6-7 years the premium has increased by 10% per annum. Just got my renewal forms through today and the premium has risen by over 30% in 12 months. This for a 17 year old car (W203 320CDi estate ), agreed value £3500, £200 excess and a mileage of a mere 3,000 per annum, no business use, no claims made in years. For that, the premium requested is over £500.....last year it was £380.

Time to shop around.
If your old like me Saga was £214, no voluntary excess for S63 Coupe few weeks ago

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