Clc interiors

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Oct 28, 2012
2017 GLC220 4MATIC
Hey people got paid out for my stolen CLC

So I'm on a hunt for another one.

Iv come across some with like a varnished wood interior ? In the center console

Mine had a metal silver center console

So my question is which was the more expensive "extra"

And was the 2 tone leather seats worth more than the full leather seats?

Cheers ppl
I would worry less about cosmetic issues but make sure the car is sound as that is more important.
I used to be a mechanic I know how to pick a well looked after car I just would like a few extras on this one
Wood for elegance, metal for avantgarde.
Avantgarde= sporty 'younger' elegance = comfort 'mature'

Most people would prefer the two tone leather.
Cheers mate

My clc that got stolen had 2 tone seats so will probably get that again

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